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My work life feels great right now. npm@5 is going to be fantastic. I'm using it full-time already and would never go back.

The work on the next-gen API has already started and that's going to be great too.

I intend to enjoy this moment of things feeling good for as long as it lasts!

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@ashkyd Not yet. Have been thinking about how to manage storage without EFS (as server in AWS Sydney) and knock on effect of serving HTTPS with content from a different domain...

@possiblyanidiot so far, but it's a pretty new instance. Plenty of space for more Toots...

@ashkyd there's a thing in the IAM configuration panels that may give you what you want. Policy checker or something I think it's called...

@RogueHound Didn't realise you were using python - so they are getting errors on their blocks and not sure why they need to indent?

Current status: Dynamo DB wrangling....

@RogueHound Interesting this is causing issues for them and also I wonder if there's a learning opportunity here about block scoping and how whitespace can be used to indicate scopes of control?

Follow @status for information about server maintenance etc about mel.social

@mattcropp Doesn't work for me either... :(

Going to do some maintenance on mel.social today. Instance broadly seems to be running ok but needs a bit of cleanup.

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#Fractal rendered in Mandelbulb 3D, water/tree/birds/vines added in Photoshop. Called this one 'foreign body'. :)



My kingdom for a cup of tea....

@GinnyMcQueen all that's missing is the album title... 🎶

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Has someone made a #Mastodon mass post exporter/archiver yet for backing up your own posts?

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There are two tickets left for the 2017 CampJS, an awesome opportunity to get away, hack on a project, and learn from the best! viii.campjs.com/

Spent yesterday evening making a new ring to use for events. always great when I get a chance to do some proper woodworking / use physical tools. mel.social/media/7lKfFXqx9P_FI mel.social/media/YyPxKGsYwdXqV

Though in other news, unplanned tasks now finished and I can spend a small amount of the remainder of the afternoon building and things for night tonight.