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@mike Doh - yeah the auto-renew script on certbot sort of assumes you're using apache which will take a new cert without restarting apache. Nginx doesn't (I have now remembered after it failing)

@mike Thanks! Also total silly error - I had the script to renew the certificate but didn't have one to reload nginx *after* that script had run.... 🤦

Apologies for the outage there peeps. We had certificate expire and didn't notify that was the case.

All resolved now though!

Today, working on a new blog post about productivity. Then building a water rocket launcher for

Recent trip to the Snowy Mountains saw some pretty great sunsets! mel.social/media/pydHZoh_xsgg7

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Twitter has done the thing to annoy the people again

@tomk @Cat it has been a bit quiet. I think many people got sucked back into the bird site due to clients. I'm still running the server though.

@heyamyrolfe well hopefully if people invite others and they start talking it will fill up. I was a bit worried about only my messages being the ones in the TL

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New site launch for work...


@knowingpark @ashkyd I'm running mine on an AWS EC2 Small instance + small RDS instance. Seems to work okay.

@applecandy eek!! That's bad. Thankfully I haven't had that happen. I did have one person pull out at the final interview stage because she had to go home because her mother had arranged her to get married!!

Tomorrow, lots and lots of prep for day Melbourne. Really excited we can do this again and have such a great organising crew this year - including some previous NodeBots events alumni. 🤖💕

Brain fried today. Don't understand why I find it so hard to do normal work & hiring on the same day.

I find recruitment deeply draining even though I'll eventually find a wonderful new person to work with (which is exciting).

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#brisbane folks interested in bots should come check out Hacks/Hackers next Tuesday 🤖 t.co/QpCMDebdeu

@WelshPixie Second one looks like a dome city on some new planet :)

Tonight working on this little one. Though first, dinner or it will all end in disaster. mel.social/media/VfmF8MGAxDHY6